The best stories in life... are the ones that really happen. 

And sometimes those stories are made even more powerful when they're driven not by one single person, but an entire community.

At least that's what the HEAL Initiative has taught us.

Sweeping through the Buckeye, Larchmere, and Woodland Hills neighborhoods on the East Side of Cleveland, the HEAL Initiative is contagious. It’s one of those things that works because it came together organically. It wasn’t forced. Instead, it was born of a community’s collective desire to make healthy eating and exercise a part of its culture and everyday living.

For this reason, the HEAL Initiative is not so much a program as it is an organic MOVEment. Cleveland residents are coming together to make real, meaningful change.

Looking for inspiration? Check out one of the episodes YOUR STORY ON FILM produced for the HEAL Initiative by viewing the entire HEAL playlist here!