Video Services for Nonprofits

The value proposition for a nonprofit video is simple - what you spend on a reasonably-priced video will yield more awareness and, in turn, more funding.  

Story-driven videos stick. And nonprofits certainly have some stories to tell. While many nonprofits are strapped for resources, a small investment in a mini-documentary about a nonprofit's community involvement can yield big results for its fundraising and volunteer-recruitment efforts. With our mini-documentaries, we aim to inspire. We capture the stories of nonprofits through...   

  • Documentaries
  • Doc-style website/YouTube videos
  • Mini-doc video series ("webisodes")   
  • Videos for special events/fundraisers
  • Nonprofit video histories
  • Client testimonials

No matter what avenue you pursue for your nonprofit video, we guarantee it will have an impact. Lets start the conversation - contact us.  

Please also see our services for individuals and small businesses.  

Video is important. Share the impact.